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Brown and Yule (1983) distinguished between spoken and written language.

Brown and Yule (1983) distinguished between spoken and written language.

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Luckily I could play some musical instrument especially the guitar, so from that point, there’s no turning back. I managed to turn my class into becoming more lively and interactive.

By singing songs, pupils are already engaging actively in listening and speaking process.

Whereas, I sing the song first as they try to listen to the lyrics and afterwards they will try to sing it together.

This process may sound cliche’ or maybe just ordinary but for me it worked like a charm.

In addition, memorising words, phrases or sentences seemed to have some small impact for the pupil.

If they like the song that they’ve heard then they will try their best to memorise the lyrics although it will take some time.From speaking the common Bajau, Suluk/Tausug or Sabahan Malay language, some of my pupils have shown their effort to speak in English and able to understand simple instruction and so forth.Although this cannot be considered as a best accomplishment but for me this is something meaningful and can be the catalyst for achieving better accomplishment in the future. Coming from a school that is lacking of electricity, conducive teaching and learning surrounding, variety of resources and etc.70 percent of them converse daily in their mother tongue, only a small portion of them are speaking Sabahan Malay.So logically saying, the pupils have to learn two more languages in addition to their own language.CALLA is an instructional model which has three main components; language, content and strategy.The first topic of discussion will be as follows; Oral communication is "a two-way process between speaker and listener, involving the productive skill of speaking and the receptive skill of understanding (or listening with understanding)" (Byrne, 1976, p. Byrne stated further that both speaker and listener have a function to perform: while the speaker has to encode the message to be conveyed, the listener has to decode the message.It should be noted that oral communication is different from written communication.One would not speak in the way he or she writes should not use the logic of oral language in formal writing.In language teaching and learning, the skills of oral communication do not refer to speaking ability alone, as in many people’s perception.According to Murphy (1991), oral communication skills include speaking and listening as well as pronunciation.


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