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According to Luke , Jesus went through a human growth process.The disciples This is not what Abraham did." In this verse, Jesus makes an explicit claim to His human nature. A vast number of scholars refuse to acknowledge the deity of Christ.

Tags: Civil Rights Movement Research PaperAssistant Fashion Buyer Cover LetterHow To Write A Research Paper Proposal ExampleMusic Essay TopicsEssay General PaperEssay BlueprintsNon Plagarism EssaysEssay On Professional Development In NursingStress Research PaperAlex Thaler Essay" data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=656" / ‘Son of God’ is a title used for Jesus in the New Testament and in the early Church.

In the Old Testament, this phrase was used to describe the King of Israel, but in the Gospels it highlights Jesus’ unique relationship with God and for the evangelists it is the preeminent title for Jesus. Continue reading ‘Son of God’ is a title used for Jesus in the New Testament and in the early Church.

Sonship is not just a mere title that Christ took at some random point in history; it involves his true identity, the actual Son of God.

Throughout this reading it will be made known of Christ’s superiority over angels of the heavenly realm, Moses, and the Aaronic priests using biblical scripture.

In Hebrews 2, the author writes of exhortation not to ignore the revelation of God in His Son and makes it quite evident in verse 5, “It is not to angels that he has subjected the world to come, about which we are speaking.” Christ, as bearer of the new revelation is superior to angels who had participated in bringing the revelation at Sinai.

At the same time, Jesus was made in a way that was lower than the angels.

Jesus also repeatedly refers to Himself as "Son of Man" throughout the gospels -- a claim to both His deity and His humanity. Scripture, however, is very clear that Jesus Christ was both God and man.

Evidence of Jesus's deity is found throughout scripture and the records of His life.

Israel had been delivered by God from Egyptian enslavement and bondage and experienced His care and provision.

From there they were, at Sinai, brought into a national covenantal relationship with the Lord.


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