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5-Improvement of Palliative care: When people will not be allowed to do euthanasia naturally many pharmaceuticals will try to invent new drugs to find out cure of a certain illness which will bring improvement in health care and will open up new possibilities for the treatment of incurable diseases.Counter point: For old and invalid individuals nothing can bring a change accept that they are blessed with a new life which is not humanly possible in any way so voluntary euthanasia should be allowed to those old and ill who have no hope for any technology or medicine to cure them.

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3-Mistaken diagnosis: It’s been seen that there is always the probability that doctor’s diagnosis can be wrong so to take one’s life just based on doctor’s diagnosis is not correct.

Counterpoint: Mostly doctors are not wrong in their diagnosis it’s very less a chance that they are wrong about incurable illnesses.

People are not allowed to take their own lives in their hands.

Life is bestowed upon us by God almighty and however painful it is we all have to live through it that’s part of bargain where there are good times there are bad times as well.

Counter point: A person in favor of it usually says how one can be sure of what god wants or what god has in His mind.

God has given us intellect to make one’s life as better as possible.

In other words follow consequentialist theory by looking at the end and not the means by which it is reached.

But in narrow terms or broader terms its one and the same thing.

People who are very old and it’s difficult to look after them, invalid, disable children all will be given up for euthanasia which will cause moral injustice in the society at large.

Counterpoint: Voluntary death decisions could only be allowed and make strict rules to practice it so that involuntary death decisions are restricted.


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