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The sampling frame consisted of 65 women participating in a feasibility study of physical activity measurement methods.

Inclusion criteria for the previous study were: (i) any woman booking with a normal, singleton pregnancy, (ii) a measured body mass index (BMI) at booking (in the first trimester) greater than or equal to 25 kg/m (i.e.

The qualitative study described in this paper aimed to: (i) explore the views and experiences of overweight and obese pregnant women; and (ii) inform interventions which could promote the adoption of physical activity during pregnancy.

The study was framed by a combined Subtle Realism and Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) approach.

Data analysis was undertaken using a Framework Approach and was informed by TPB.

Healthy eating was often viewed as being of greater importance for the health of mother and baby than participation in physical activity.Interventions to encourage recommended levels of physical activity in pregnancy should be accompanied by accessible and consistent information about the positive effects for mother and baby.More research is required to examine how to overcome barriers to physical activity and to understand which interventions could be most effective for overweight/obese pregnant women.These women agreed to wear an accelerometer for seven days at two or three time points during pregnancy and to complete two different physical activity questionnaires at each data collection.The measurement study was designed to compare self report and objective measurement methods in pregnant women during normal daily activities.Midwives should be encouraged to do more to promote activity in pregnancy.].In light of this, pregnancy is emerging as a priority area for interventions which aim to address the obesity epidemic.This enabled us to examine the hypothetical pathway between beliefs and physical activity intentions within the context of day to day life.The study sample for the qualitative study was chosen by stratified, purposive sampling from a previous study of physical activity measurements in pregnancy.Research participants for the current study were recruited on the basis of Body Mass Index (BMI) at booking and parity.Semi-structured, in-depth interviews were conducted with 14 overweight and obese pregnant women.


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