French Revolution Causes And Effects Essay

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They said that not one official in power was corrupt, but that the whole system of government needed some change.

Eventually, when the royal finances were expended in the 1780's, there began a time of greater criticism.

Although the king ruled over France and held the most power, and even though his reign was far more indulgent in comparison to previous kings, the political foundation of France was an issue before he his rule (“France: The Causes of the French Revolution” 2-4).

With such an influential event in European History Analyze the various causes of the French Revolution.

A combination of several social, political and economic causes led to upheaval of the Ancien Régime, the system of law and government in France prior to the French Revolution in 1789.

During the eighteenth century, French society was divided into three classes The French Revolution went on for ten years, beginning in 1789 and ending in 1799.

Each social group had a varied type of people within their structure, which presented the different views of the people. During the ancien regime, the church was equal in terms of its social, economic, and spiritual power.

The First Estate owned nearly 10 per cent of all land in France.

At this time in French history, the social classes played an important role in the lives of the people.

The social structure of France was divided among three groups: the First Estate, the Second Estate, and the Third Estate.


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