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Since the community at Georgetown is quite diverse, members of the Admissions Board would love to learn about you in words of your own choosing.Write a short Georgetown university essay, either of a creative or personal nature, in which you describe yourself as best you can.Most likely you will be up against numerous other candidates with the same type of experiences and this can make it a lot harder to persuade an admissions committee about the uniqueness of your activity and how it reflects your particular in interests.

Students hoping to get a place at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washing DC are usually required to submit a supplementary essay as part of the application process.

Ranked as the USA's 20th best private research institution, the considerable emphasis on Jesuit-type values such as operating in an intellectually open manner, the promotion of spiritual, ethical and intercultural understanding, and the serving of others owes much to the fact that Georgetown is a Roman Catholic-founded seat of learning.

Instead of choosing the organization or club you have dedicated most of your time to or some activity that you believe would impress the university's admissions committee, take a little time to select something that you find inspirational.

It is impossible to predict which particular activity is likely to appeal most to an admissions board so the best option is to choose something that you feel really passionately about and demonstrate the reasons to your readers.

For instance, you might have played some musical instrument and given performances for up to ten years.

Simultaneously, it may be that you worked in a junior capacity on your school's newsletter, written numerous articles for each monthly edition, and developed a completely new section to draw attention to students' out-of-school achievements.

Georgetown University: Discuss in brief terms a summer or school activity you were very involved in.

The best strategy for developing your response to this first prompt is deciding which study program or activity best reflects your values and interests.

If, in your Georgetown university application essay, you choose to describe and/or discuss a summer holiday program, take great care with the one you choose and the way you present it.

While, for instance, you may have found your participation in a paid program at a college or university campus or the weeks you spent travelling around Europe extremely enriching, it is very easy to start running short of things to talk about and to start depending on clichéd statements.


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