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Having a high GRE score is an excellent way to do just that.

So, what about the second popular answer to the question, “What do I need to score on the GRE to get into grad school?

” Remember that the numbers shared here are simply average GRE scores from average candidates.

Lots of students have excellent transcripts and are good at taking tests – but not everyone can demonstrate impressive writing skills! You can study for the GRE online by looking up the AWA prompts and practicing writing several of them within the 30-minute guideline.

Here are 7 tips to take your Issue essay to that perfect 6. The only way to get comfortable with the time constraints is to practice them, so set up test-like conditions and get to work.

And look at what they end up with: The average AWA score of a GRE test taker worldwide is a mere 4.0, and the average AWA score of an Indian test taker is even lower.

Now, to most Indian students, getting a 4.0 on the AWA might seem like an impressive feat.If you get a perfect score on the GRE’s Issue Essay (a 6), it can really boost your graduate school admissions chances!The best schools want good Verbal and Quantitative scores, but also students who are clear, competent writers.One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What do I need to score on the GRE to get into grad school?” There are typically two answers to this question that students looking at target or average GRE scores are accustomed to hearing. ] A “good” GRE score is one that gets you accepted into the graduate program of your choice.Maybe your top grad school program will even be on the list. For a more general look at the average scores of other test-takers by field, you can also look at ETS’ snapshot, which compiles the past three years of GRE test data into a series of handy charts.For more information on the average GRE scores for grad school programs, as well as graduate program rankings by field, you can check out the latest data from U. And if you’re curious about percentiles, you can reference the ETS chart on percentile rates of varying scores.And hey, don’t blame us if the 6.0 percentile goes down from 99 to 80 soon.The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) portion of the GRE consists of two essays, each of which you will need to write in 30 minutes or less.Just as with the Verbal and Quant sections, mastering the essay section on the GRE requires the same amount of confidence, persistence, and practice.And in addition to all that, you will also need a solid guide that can help you with all the strategies and tips. But sadly enough, there isn’t much useful information on the internet about this frequently neglected section.


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