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I have experienced first-hand the devastation the lack of leadership can bring to a company, from micro-managers to in-group favoritism and toxic leadership.All of these types of leaders bring company moral down and have the ability to sink an organization.

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Their leading argument being, that "it is better to raise a new church where one did not exist than to labor to better part of an old one" ( Morgan pg.38) Also, promising that he would be one the of the few leaders in public affairs, compared to his minor role in England....

[tags: Massachusetts, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Boston] - Characteristics of a Good Leader A good leader can be an example for someone else. Looking at the background and pass experience can help choose a good leader.

- Leadership is a term on which no one can develop a mutual consensus as it carries a different meaning for ach individual.

Some people may consider a person as their leader who is capable of taking them away from hardships, some people may consider the one as their leader who is quite charismatic and can show them dreams of a bright future or some people may consider that man as a leader who can make them progress by devising wise strategies for them etc.

I feel that when a leader shares the tasks, it makes the staff feel that the leader is working along with them to get the task done.

When I delegate task I want my people to feel that I am not throwing all the work on them and not doing my fair share.Most of them spread terror by harsh rulings and brutal demands. But what are the real traits or characteristics of a good leader.While dictators may not have been very leaders persay. Most people think of a great leader as being a person who is steadfast, trustworthy, and dedicated to the people they work with and serve.[tags: Management, Leadership, Team, The A-Team] - participation.This is sharing the responsibility with my staff members.[tags: Leadership] - In life, there are those who lead and those who manage.This distinction is often blurred and forgotten among the fast pace and hard decisions entailed in a position of power.[tags: Leadership, Management, Failure, Leader] - Not all leaders are famous like Martin Luther King, most leaders are ordinary people; you can walk down the street and run into someone and not know that they are a very powerful leader.I personally know of a good leader that is an ordinary person; my father.Not only did he not allow the people of the colony to have a say, but the banishment of Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams proved that he others abused their power.Winthrop was persuaded by the Massachusetts Bay Company to accompany them, and convinced him that his services as a devoted Puritan; would be more acceptable to God in Massachusetts than in England.


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