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Use these for extensions, extra practice and a little educational fun.If you know of great resources you’d like to have me add, leave a comment below this post! I earn a small commission when you click them to shop.

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Some older kids have a tendency to slack on their homeschool work, procrastinate, or dawdle through the day, getting little done.

If you have a teen dawdler, don't feel like a failure!

If you're finding a child struggles with learning and attention span on a regular basis, pay attention to these three key areas of diet, exercise, and sleep.

The same goes for a child who stayed up until 2 a.m.

Have your teens start the homeschool day with their toughest subjects under your supervision (or at least nearby ) before moving on independently with the easier subjects.

Getting the hard things out of the way usually will encourage teenagers to fly through the rest.

Either way will be effective; it just depends on your child’s personality. Another method I’ve found effective with preteens and teens is to have a set amount of time for school. However, if they have not managed to finish all their schoolwork by free time, they must complete the rest of the assignments as .

Knowing they will be cutting into their own free time, as opposed to scheduled school time, provides stimulus to work a bit harder. I’ve found that by simply giving my children half the math problems on a page and then setting a timer, I can avoid many conflicts.

When it comes to dawdling, I've found that the older a child gets, the less effective incentives become.

A ninth grader will roll his eyes at a sticker chart or a trip to the zoo.


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