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Yet many recent studies and reports have raised serious concerns about the well-being of children, their lack of physical activity, excessive time spent in front of screens, increasingly limited time for free play, and lack of time spent outdoors.

Schools continue to operate under the false assumption that homework is necessary for children to gain a satisfactory level of academic achievement, and to pander to the pressure from parents who also operate under this misconception.

The fact is that there is not a single piece of evidence that can show any correlation between homework and academic achievement, nor that shows any improvement in study habits.

But experts say it's also important for the work you take home to be interesting and educational, and for there to be a balance between homework and life.

As far as who gets to decide on this whole homework/no homework thing, well, it's really up to every school to make its own policy. KID 2: I think homework's not really useful because students do a lot of work during the school day.

First of all students shouldn't need homework and if they do its the schools fault for failing to teach them.

Secondly when student are higher than 5/6th grade the just will start finding ways to do there homework without putting work, Especially if they don't understand the material.A lot of educators still think homework is a really good thing. They say practise is the key to getting better at things so taking some work home can really help you learn.It can also teach you how to complete tasks in your own time and lets you finish work you didn't get time to do at school, and it helps to prepare you guys for high school where more homework's pretty much a given.To expect them to bring more of this home risks overloading them and turning them off learning altogether. Time for free play, outdoor play, pursuing their own interests, and quality family time is essential for their development and well-being.Adults are always told to leave work at work because bringing it home damages your mental health.... 32.5 hours in school a week is plenty enough to teach them what they need to no.They're not necessarily learning that much more doing it and that it's causing more stress for kids, parents and teachers than it's worth.But before you go tearing up your books and calling for your non-existent dog you'd better turn the page to hear the other side of this debate. Time collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet.The evidence does not support any gain in standards, but only in unnecessary pressure and anxiety for young children who need free play and quality family time for their healthy development.Let’s ask that we go a step further and scrap homework in primary schools altogether.


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