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You can make it a "draft" assignment by checking the box to You cannot require the student to submit work which contains personally identifying information (other than in the file name).Under the Federal Educational Records Privacy Act (FERPA) students cannot be required to submit work which includes personally identifying information via a third party application.

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Neither UAS nor Blackboard make any claim of ownership of your work.

There is a facility for students to access and utilise a Safe Assign assignment that is not linked to any particular module.

The instructor also has the ability to individually check submitted work with Safe Assign.

Your submitted content will be checked against internet sources, academic journals and papers submitted by students from UAS and other institutions.

It will continue to accept international language submissions, the same as before.

Direct Submit generates Safe Assign reports on papers submitted outside of a Safe Assignment.Access the Direct Submit tool from the Control Panel Assignment link (even if it is the same student and the same class) then it be compared to their previous version.This means that if you prefer to have a separate (ungraded) link for drafts and a second link for the final (graded) paper you should deliberately set up the first link to "exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global Reference Databases".Examples include: student papers that were emailed to the instructor rather than submitted in Blackboard; papers that were submitted to a Blackboard assignment that did not have Safe Assign selected in its settings; text that is copied from a document rather than saved as a separate file.Direct Submit can also be used to add papers to the institutional database.The instructor can, however, require students to submit such work via Safe Assign as long as the student not be included in a file name because only the content of the file is submitted to Safe Assign (not the file name).Students may also voluntarily submit work which includes their name or other information.The Safe Assign assignment is only for the purposes of checking your work through Safe Assign in advance of you making your real coursework submission via the Blackboard Coursework tab.It can be re-used for different modules or submissions.Under the Federal Educational Records Privacy Act (FERPA) students cannot be required to submit work which includes personally identifying information to a third party.Students should be aware that the percentage score for a submitted work is not an "accusation" of plagiarism but that they need to check to be sure their direct quotes are properly cited and also that paraphrasing of other work is not appropriate without proper citation.


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