How To Write A Restaurant Business Plan

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Add a descriptive sample menu that best illustrates the type of food that you will offer customers including: lunch, dinner, desserts and drinks.

Also explain how your restaurant will be unique from and superior to the potential competition. Your business plan must demonstrate that you understand the market in your area and that you have conducted enough research to reasonably determine the viability of a soul food restaurant.

If you have a reputation for cooking exceptional soul food and possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a soul food restaurant is a business that could prove to be a profitable endeavor.

Opening a restaurant isn't a decision to take lightly, but once you've made the choice to become a restaurateur, it is important to have a clear plan.

Discuss why this type of food will sell well in a specific geographic area to a specific audience.

For example, you might be proposing a low-cost pizzeria in a college town that has only one other restaurant that sells pizza as part of its more expensive Italian sit-down menu.

Explain why you have chosen your media, who it will reach and what the annual cost will be.

Project your monthly and annual sales figures and annual profit projection.

Include the following sections: concept, market research, marketing plan, projections, startup costs, operating costs, budget, experience and support documents.

Provide a description of your restaurant concept that goes beyond the cuisine and menu items.


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