Ielts Essay Topics

Nowadays, many families move to different countries.

Some people think that children gain many benefits from this while others consider it to be hard for a child to move to a foreign country. In many countries, people have health problems because they choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Finally, the more you practice the luckier you will be on test day, so make sure you try and write answers to some of these questions and read the model essays for ideas too.

If you are not sure how to structure and essay then the 'Cheat Sheet' will help you with this, simply sign up at the side of the page. In some countries, secondary schools aim to provide a general education with just a small range of subjects.

What do you think the reasons for this are and how can it be solved? Some people believe that a greater difference in age between parents and children is more beneficial than less of a difference.

Do you think the advantages of a greater age difference outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, people of all ages from certain parts of the world spend most of the time at home rather than going outdoors.

Discuss the reasons for this and say whether it is a positive or negative development.

This will eventually bring about peace and harmony to society.

On the negative side, doing business in the countryside also represents some notable drawbacks.


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