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They do so despite consistent evidence that immigrants do not cause their problems.Unfortunately, these concerns are as old as the Founding Fathers.

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And wage growth is tepid, while millennials are predicted to be the first generation in U. The frustration may be real, but immigrants are not the source of the problem. Take-home pay may have grown at a paltry rate since the 2008 financial crisis, but economic studies of the effect of immigrants on wages show an incredibly modest negative effect on low-wage workers in the short run only.Because of the dramatic increase in productivity, the U. manufacturing sector only required 12.1 million workers in 2010.Continually acquiring new skills will alleviate the anxiety that workers understandably feel.While the Declaration of Independence argued for the American colonies’ right to populate through immigration, Benjamin Franklin expressed misgivings about the German immigrants to Pennsylvania.He complained that they would never assimilate to the culture and customs established by the English colonists.Still, it is disheartening to realize that nearly identical arguments have been made about successive groups of immigrants since Franklin’s time.These arguments correspond more with broader social and economic anxieties than with particular characteristics of the immigrant groups to which they are directed.If you want to take America’s temperature, few issues are more revealing than immigration.Americans who feel anxious or insecure about the economy or their community are quick to blame a flow of new people into the United States.Their skills typically complement native-born workers’ skills, seeking positions where there is a scarcity of native born labor.This complementarity happens for immigrant workers at all skill levels.


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