Information Security Business Plan

At the same time, they look for potential buyers for your information — perhaps a firm overseas who sees the potential of the business and had an interest in replicating it.After all, the startup team is doing all the hard work for them.

As the startup team works on, the hackers monitor and mirror the progress.

They see the code the startup developed to make the product work. The patent application draft being passed around for review. They take all of it silently in the background and the startup team is none the wiser.

Just a few years ago, technology strategy followed business strategy.

Often, it was just a footnote in the business plan.

are all valuable to you — and may be even more valuable to someone else.

Let’s imagine a common scenario that I’ve seen a hundred times as a consultant: Your early stage startup is working on getting a product prototype to the MVP phase.

The startup team works to make improvements, and decide on the strategy forward.

While they are busy, a ransomware attack encrypts the most critical documents and they get an email demanding payment to get the data back.

For weeks the attackers do nothing — they just watch silently collecting data.

Over a period of days or weeks they work to quietly move laterally and gain more access.


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