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Any basic feasible solution of an Assignment problem consists (2n – 1) variables of which the (n – 1) variables are zero, n is number of jobs or number of facilities.Due to this high degeneracy, if we solve the problem by usual transportation method, it will be a complex and time consuming work. Before going to the absolute method it is very important to formulate the problem. Now as the problem forms one to one basis or one job is to be assigned to one facility or machine.

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(v) Now draw straight lines which pass through all the un marked rows and marked columns.

It can also be noticed that in an n x n matrix, always less than ‘n’ lines will cover all the zeros if there is no solution among them. In step 4, if the number of lines drawn are equal to n or the number of rows, then it is the optimum solution if not, then go to step 6. Select the smallest element among all the uncovered elements. Repeat the procedure from step (3) until the number of assignments becomes equal to the number of rows or number of columns.

Late Penalties: Essays (either the hard copy or the Turnitin submission) which are late will receive a 3% penalty per calendar day.

Introduction to Political and Policy Studies POSC 003 covers the basic concepts and theoretical approaches in the study of power and its practice.

The course covers many areas which include political regimes, human rights, political culture, political participation and public policy.

This research guide points to articles, databases, journals, and resources relevant for Political Science and Policy Studies.

Having performed the step 1 and step 2, we will be getting at least one zero in each column in the reduced cost table. Now, the assignments are made for the reduced table in following manner.

(i) Rows are examined successively, until the row with exactly single (one) zero is found.

Assignment is made to this single zero by putting square □ around it and in the corresponding column, all other zeros are crossed out (x) because these will not be used to make any other assignment in this column. (ii) Step 3 (i) in now performed on the columns as follow:- columns are examined successively till a column with exactly one zero is found.

Now , assignment is made to this single zero by putting the square around it and at the same time, all other zeros in the corresponding rows are crossed out (x) step is conducted for each column.


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