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However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to agree with their findings.Where you disagree with findings of an earlier study, you should do it in a respectable manner. There are several steps that you can follow so as to end up with a professional looking final product.The first, and arguably the most important step is planning how the structure of the work will look like.

A dissertation is something that you know about for months in advance. As a student, you already know that leaving things to the last minute makes for a stressful few days and normally a bad grade.

This is something you can’t do with the dissertation.

Hence, there is the urge to keep editing the final product.

You should look at the final document critically so as to avoid unnecessary editing.

There are several factors that can help you develop your argument.

To make a convincing argument, you need to consider the findings of other people who have researched in the field before.

Finding the right topic for a dissertation is not easy; sometimes it’s downright difficult.

A dissertation is the biggest paper in your college career.

But you also want to think about the research that is available.

Thinking about the topics you know about, and what research is available will help you narrow it down to a topic that will be great for a dissertation.


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