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The rights of citizens are becoming practically equal to human rights. The state is a guarantor of human rights; therefore, a certain human can enjoy his human rights as a citizen of a certain state.Citizenship is becoming a legal condition for someone’s , so to speak.

The rights of citizens are becoming practically equal to human rights. The state is a guarantor of human rights; therefore, a certain human can enjoy his human rights as a citizen of a certain state.

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My object of critique here, however, is not the evil of the right-wing, but rather the good of democratic universalism, since they both form part of one and the same dialectical chain.

My argument is very simple: if humanism, often used as a slogan for struggles against racism and xenophobia, proceeds from the assumption that there is some exceptional dignity in human beings and some exceptional value to human life, then it is just one step away from putting into question the value of any nonhuman life.

Hence the enormous difficulties faced by those who have no citizenship at all, or who have the wrong citizenship.

Today, illegal migrant workers are the most vulnerable in terms of citizenship.

It is not a matter of the predominance and superiority of one species over the other, but a matter of taking everything into account.

As long as inequality remains untouched at the interspecies level, equality of people, too, can never be realized.And yet, that’s precisely how the drama of revolutionary desire should be performed.Almost like these sailors, I will now try to look back to the sinking cruiser of the Russian Revolution in search of, if not a proper animal, then at least for its traces, almost erased by history.However, my intention here is not to say that all we need to do is extend the realm of human rights to include animals, to bring them into the human universe—this is basically the agenda of animal rights defenders, which is totally fine.But if these changes were implemented within the existing capitalist regime, we would end up with something like animal citizenship, with related attributes like border control, dealing with illegal animals trying to reach happy European fields from forests on the global periphery, and so on.If this concrete biped is recognized as human, regardless of his or her gender, race, or ethnicity, then this individual must have documents and the right to vote, the right to life, the right to property, and so on.He or she pays taxes to the state to which he or she is attached as a citizen, so that this state will provide for his or her security.A diffuse avant-garde attitude unconditionally sustained the idea of a point of no return, a “giving up the ship,” a total transformation of the social and natural orders towards emancipation and equality.Nature was also considered a battlefield for class struggle.Apparently, something went wrong long before perestroika, when communism went in an unknown direction, like a strange animal that managed to escape from people and from the very really existing socialism.Here I would like to track this strange animal and read its traces as peculiar “signs from the future.” I want to suggest not that something went wrong with socialism, but that something is wrong with the human face.


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