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In essence, she recommended that young school kids get a chance to just be kids, which sounds pretty awesome — and necessary — to me.

In essence, she recommended that young school kids get a chance to just be kids, which sounds pretty awesome — and necessary — to me.

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Louis and author of What is, however, a bit harder to understand is the nature of the “they.” Who wants to give young children homework and why?

The answer has a lot to do with ideas about education that don’t make any sense if recontextualized within the body of research on developmental psychology.“Teachers and possibly schools confuse homework with rigor,” Vatterott says.

“Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance,” teacher Brandy Young wrote at the time.

Instead, she asked her students spend their afternoons eating dinner together as a family, reading, playing outside, and getting to bed on time.

In reality, the teachers (and by extension their students) are victims of educational superstition.“There are teachers out there who see things are going really well,” Vatterott says.

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“And they think, ‘We better keep doing what we’re doing or all hell is going to break loose.’”In truth, data indicates that homework for the youngest students in the elementary grades has, at best, has no bearing on achievement.And the studies that do suggest homework has positive effects can only prove correlation, not causation.That’s because it’s incredibly difficult to control for all of the other variables that can lead to better academic outcomes, including factors like teacher quality, parental involvement, amount of sleep a child receives, proper nutrition, and — here comes the big one — socio-economic status.You learn important skills, like how to get along with other people when you play with other people.They’re learning way more important skills when they’re not doing their homework.”That said, there is one activity that researchers feel that parents and children should be doing at home: reading.“There is practically nothing that will be more important than reading time,” Hirsh-Pasek says. It’s a time when they learn about relationships and hear vocabulary that they don’t hear anywhere else.”Vatterott explains that a similar sentiment about reading seems to be gaining ground nationally.After all, doesn’t homework teach grit and responsibility to kids that desperately need it? “But it’s a very simplistic view to suggest that homework teaches them responsibility and to delay gratification. “The truth is that everything has to be put in balance,” she says.“If you want your child to learn perseverance give them some chores at home.She notes this is particularly true in private schools and high-income school districts that pride themselves on awards and college placement.These institutions lean into homework, conflating student achievement with evidence of homework efficacy.For example, a 2006 Duke University meta-analysis of available research on homework found that the correlation between homework and student achievement was only really meaningful at the middle and high school levels.But for elementary school students, homework pretty much did nothing in terms of student achievement. But the question is, would a no homework policy really be as wonderful and effective as it sounds?


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