Laser Engraving Business Plan

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If you plan to focus only on headstone engraving, market your services directly to cemeteries and headstone manufacturers.Many cemeteries are owned by large corporations, so make your pitch to those corporations as well.

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Laser engravers use computer-driven images and stencils to make the engravings and can even create 3-D images.

The durability of these images is still in question, and they occasionally require maintenance, so figure that into your contracts.

There are at least three types of headstone engraving businesses you can start: contracting directly with cemeteries, working as an independent artisan and manufacturing grave markers.

Public, private, military and family cemeteries and funeral homes buy grave markers and hire engravers.

Also check with your local zoning commission regarding where you can set up your workshop and storage.

Manufacturing headstones requires a different approach to marketing.


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