London Examinations Igcse Mathematics Past Papers

London Examinations Igcse Mathematics Past Papers-56
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The most popular (and perhaps the most straightforward to find exam centres and resources for) is Linear GCSE maths, but all options are discussed below. Join the HE Exams community to get support from fellow home-educators. However, the syllabus content has only changed slightly.

There is a Facebook group: Home Education UK Exams & Alternatives, and an email group, the HE Exams Yahoogroup. It has two papers; for core, 1 hr and 2hr, and for extended, 1.5 hrs and 2.5hrs. The last sitting of Edexcel IGCSE specification 4MA0 was January 2018.

Can anyone explain what these exams are and if I have to sit them?

Edexcel don't respond and as I'm self-studying I don't have teachers / lecturers to ask.

I'm new to igcse and I can barely understand how it works because I transferred urgently.y11, I'm taking Arabic as a 1st language and English as a 2nd in November.

I'm stressed because every teacher I've met says I don't have enough time and that I should take English in June instead.

I'm also going to use this post to give a bit of general info on how you can collect your CIE results.

The results will be released at 0500 UTC on 13 August 2019 and they are usually collected via logging into the online portal here.

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There is very little difference between the exam boards for maths GCSE, so choose whichever you can find a convenient exam centre for.


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