Loss Childhood Innocence Essay

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In Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, the reader follows the story of Satrapi’s younger self growing up during the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Iran.Starting too early in life, Marjane was forced to mature much too quickly.And yet, from the time of a child’s conception, parents are swamped with advice on how to bring up their children, and desperate to ‘compete’ with other parents, push their children relentlessly in order that they, too, can be 'competitive'.

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Not only that, even before her teenage years, she lost her childhood innocence as she watched the war around her.

Satrapi portrays her younger self as brave, smart, and most importantly, mature.

To this list there is now a growing number of parents who share their own problems with their own children, asking them to take sides in relationship issues, to be involved, and to know all.

This adherence to some warped political correctness that says all knowledge should be transparent and freely available has led to children being exposed to issues of sexuality, criminality, disease, in fact, all the angst of modern life at an age at which many cannot cope. Those who feel that exposure to the grim realities of adult life doesn’t require age limits, or some form of protection, have clearly never paused to consider the correlation between their understanding of children and the statistics on the mental health of over-anxious, frightened children.

Marjane witnessed and took part in many things on the streets of Tehran during a time of political hardship, causing her to mature.

One thing Marjane witnessed was seeing two women fighting over food, which made her realize that the war was taking away people’s sanity.

"Some parents and educators believe that a child is like a huge container.

To insure the child's success, they think it their job to fill it up with as much information as possible, as quickly as possible.

Being on the streets of Tehran had a large impact on Marjane, causing her to grow up too soon.

To conclude, Marjane Satrapi had a hard childhood filled with war, politics, and a lot of maturing.


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