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In ‘Case Brief’, the executive in question (an entrepreneur, a CEO, a VP, or a GM, etc.) shares certain information which is divided (ideally) into 4/5/6 distinct more are photo-based case studies.

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The unexpected passing of Dave Goldberg in May 2015 triggered the most difficult period in the history of Survey Monkey, a global online survey software company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ryan Lane, an associate, and Gary Pinkus, chairman of...

King Philanthropies (KP) was a grant-making organization that employed a highly intentional and carefully targeted approach to philanthropy.

CASE SPOT is a video-based brief case study, presented from the protagonist’s point of view and the case study is captured at the business spot.

Every Case Spot comes with a rigorously written teaching note.

Despite its overall prosperity and booming economy, King County in Washington state faced persistent inequities in poverty, homelessness, and unemployment based on race and place.

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This case covers the period 2014 to 2019, during which...

Case Flyers can be used in different settings and across different learning spectrums – undergraduate level, graduate level and even for executive education and research purposes.

Every Case Flyer comes with a rigorously written teaching more CASE BRIEF is a short case study in video format which includes three products – Case Brief, Case Response and Case Note (a Teaching Note).

This case explores the various challenges that Senreve faced in hiring and retaining talent as a rapidly growing organization.

The case first describes how the two co-founders developed a vision for their company, created a... It begins, with part one, on a Friday morning in the San Francisco office of Mc Kinsey & Company.


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