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work in developmental psychology has shown that children may operate with concepts that are quite different: students of child language describe children both underextending concepts, as when for a child dog can only be used for their pet, not the one next door; and overextending concepts, where a child uses daddy for every male adult, or cat for cats, rabbits and other pets.Or the concepts may be just different, reflecting the fact that items in a child’s world may have different salience than for an adult.” (John I.2003 p.34) Contrastive is a type of classification of the conceptual meaning.

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According to de Saussure, the linguistic sign consists of a signifier and a signified.

The signifier is the word or sound and the signified is the thing indicated by the signifier.

This term paper has been written for partial fulfillment of the Semantic course. Mohammed to write a term paper on one of the branches of linguistics with the concerning of education. The objective of this term paper is to gather some information conceptual and associative meaning.

This paper is more definition rather then problematic.

The sentence meets the requirement to shape a will formed sentence in part of syntax and semantics. S NP VP Det N V NP A man likes a Pie Reflected meaning and collocative meaning, affective meaning and stylistic meaning : all have more in common with connotative meaning than with conceptual meaning; they all have the same open-ended, indeterminate character, and lend themselves to analysis in terms of scales or ranges, rather than in discrete either this-or-that terms. The associative meaning have at least five type of meaning.

They can all be brought together under the heading of Associative meaning. They are Connotative meaning, Stylistic meaning, Affective meaning, Reflected meaning and Collocative meaning.

The thought is the concept in which it been in all human mind. 1981) Geoffrey Leech has defined conceptual meaning as ” The widely assumed to be the central factor in linguistic communication …” (Leech G. Saeed said “If we adopt the hypothesis that the meaning go, say, a noun, is a combination of its denotation and a conceptual element, than from the point of view of a linguist, two basic questions about the conceptual element are: 1. Describing something that for a while was given the two word label micro-wave oven, but is now usually called just a microwave.

Presumably if every home ends up having a tool to turn leaves into statues, a name for it will be invented and catch on.

The contrastive deal the same way, but with the meaning in order to handle a narrow meaning. Examples: Man ( Human Adult Male) Woman ( Human Adult -Male) Boy ( Human – Adult Male) Dog (-Human animal Adult) Constituent structure deals with the sentence rather than the word. The example below show the structure of sentence in a syntactic way.

Word man is ( human adult male) the verb likes requires a ( human) at the very least.


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