Measuring Critical Thinking Nursing

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Problem-solving focuses on identification and resolution, whereas critical thinking goes beyond this and incorporates asking questions and critiquing solutions.

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These include: After evaluating where new nurses are at in terms of critical-thinking skills, look at the attributes of a critical thinker.

Strong critical thinkers demonstrate the following characteristics: (Based on the APA Expert Consensus Delphi Report description of strong critical thinkers.) Patient safety can be directly affected by the critical thinking ability of a nurse.

With increasing responsibility and higher patient acuity, it’s imperative for nurses and bedside clinicians to be able to make quick, accurate decisions in response to unforeseen circumstances.

The term ‘critical thinking’ is often used interchangeably with problem-solving and clinical decision-making in nursing literature.

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In assessing new graduate nurses’ critical-thinking capabilities, it’s helpful to consider the fundamental principles of critical thinking.

Ask the following 4 questions: Just as there are similarities among the definitions of critical thinking across subject areas and levels, there are several generally recognized hallmarks of teaching for critical thinking.

We also offer a variety of two part tests that measure both skills and mindset.

As nurses know, seconds can often mean the difference between life and death.


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