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Holes in the ozone allow harmful ultraviolet rays (that are usually deflected by the ozone layer) to make their way to lower levels of the atmosphere.Greenhouse gases absorb and give off radiation from the UV rays, contributing to extreme temperature conditions.More information about carbon footprints can be found by reading: Hertwich, Edgar G., and Glen P. “Carbon Footprint of Nations: A Global, Trade-Linked Analysis.” Environmental Science & Technology vol.

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To read more about the effects of global warming, see these sources: The Kyoto Protocol is an international effort to combat global climate change.

Developed at the “United Nations’ Convention on Climate Change” in 1997, this treaty is aimed at capping the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by holding nations accountable to their environmental impact commitments. A notable exception to this list of countries, however, is the United States.

The federal government also has incentives in place for businesses and corporations to encourage them to reduce their carbon footprints.

Along with these incentives, the government also uses taxes to discourage and penalize businesses that are particularly harmful to the environment.

At the same time, with the erosion of cultural barriers, society is undergoing a spiritual transition.

The impact of improved educational standards and information technologies is increasing global awareness, and the fundamental unity of the human race is becoming increasingly apparent.

Switching to renewable energy sources can help to protect the environment from damage that results from burning fossil fuels for energy.

Scientific developments and the spread of wind, solar, and geothermal power are helping to make the world less carbon-dependent.

For more information on these pieces of legislation: Today, the color green is synonymous with environmental friendliness.

Governments, businesses, and individuals can all contribute towards mitigating climate change, and in many cases, all of these groups have been working hard to become “greener.” For example, some municipalities use monetary incentives to motivate their citizens to become more environmentally conscious.


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