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Much of the significance of these events came after the meal was done, but before we’d split off into our nightly activities.

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My darkest times spurred my interest in sharing my experiences.

I was admittedly shy about my writing, mostly keeping it to myself, but what I did put out into the world made me feel good and in control of my life.

Through it all, my dad instilled a love of storytelling in all of his children, and as we started telling our own stories, we each developed our own style of narration.

Each story, no matter how often it was retold, would be given a breath of vitality with varying degrees of slapstick and acting.

I can express myself in my most authentic voice and have my experiences be relatable to readers.

I know I’m not alone, and someone else gets to know they aren’t alone either. That feeling you get when you read an article and wonder if the author spied on you to be able to write such similar experiences? Though sometimes it feels like I’m shouting into the void, I often feel like I’m talking to a bunch of my favorite vinas.

To many, the premise of these stories could sound absurd.

What does a singing English outlaw have to do with skinny-fitting clothing?

Whether it’s been for needing to cope with the stresses of life, having the opportunity to meet amazingly inspiring people, or engaging with my vina community of the internet, writing has always been there for me.

t was a familiar sight in my life: the entire family gathered around the table for dinner time as part of our daily routine.


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