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At first glance it may seem easy to determine which traits are differentiated by genetics or experience, but after much reflection and looking back on my own life I have come to the conclusion that it is an interaction of the two that creates the final product of us as humans.A reflective essay calls on the writer to express your own views of an experience.It is difficult to argue with the fact that people tend, or even need, to harbor a personal philosophy.

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Rather than it being a conflict of nature “versus” nurture, it is very well possible both play an equal part in the development of us as humans.

In the beginning, we start off as single cell in the form of a zygote.

In some countries, though, they are implanted and embedded into mass consciousness through media, advertising, or by brutal force.

This implantation sometimes has severe effects on an individual’s personality, and it may take a long time to correct the consequences of such interference.

Ideologies offer sets of clauses and philosophical positions people adopt according to how they act.

Ideologies can refer to different spheres of life; some of them can be either useful or harmful—while in the western world, ideologies can be chosen and adopted freely.

Physically, I have been told to look very similar to my father.

When looking back at old pictures of him when he was my age it is very easy to see the resemblance and traits that have been passed down to me. ..of understanding how the two affect us as a whole.

Write an essay sharing your most important piece of advice with a younger sibling or friend. Think about an unusual experience or incident from your life.

Write a reflective essay explaining how that experience has impacted you and caused you to grow as a person.


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