Opinion Essay About Reading Books

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Links to your past work that’s similar or relevant are helpful, too.

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At its heart, a critical essay should make an informed, clear-eyed argument about what a particular person or artifact or trend shows us about the way our culture functions today.

Whatever you’re writing about, it should be something that matters to people right now, or something that will matter to them forever, or both.

While others have been able to harness the power of their hobbies and converted them to money making ventures, many of us are just contented with the joy and satisfaction we derive from them. Listening to music has always been my go to activity for all occasions.

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My love for music can be traced back to when I was a child.Examples: Some of the best essays don’t fall neatly into either of these two genres; you can feel free to pitch or submit a piece that blends the personal and critical, or one that involves original reporting or more extensive research, as long as it’s still anchored by a strong thesis.We’re also open to comics, visual and photo essays, or other creative formats.READER is Buzz Feed News’s home for cultural criticism, personal essays, fiction, and poetry, as well as Buzz Feed’s Emerging Writer Fellowship.Since we launched in March 2016, we have published new poetry from National Book Award-winning authors like Robin Coste Lewis and Mark Doty, as well as work from emerging poets such as Solmaz Sharif, Danez Smith, and Donika Kelly, whom we’re confident you will be reading for years to come.Examples: A critical essay could be “about” almost anything — books, technology, sports, entertainment, celebrities, politics, fashion — or it can connect the dots between examples in multiple categories.But “criticism” doesn’t translate to having an opinion about whether something is good or bad.There are recorded videos of me as a child becoming hyperactive whenever music was played.I would run to the stereo, turn on the music to full volume and start running around dancing.Alongside essays and features from READER’s staff writers, we’ve published nonfiction from contributors including Jesmyn Ward, Mira Jacob, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah and Eileen Myles. We’re thrilled to work with and publish celebrated authors, but that’s only part of the story.READER’s editors also eagerly welcome incisive, beautiful essays — both personal and critical — from freelance contributors.


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