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Try to eat more fruit and vegetables and starchy carbohydrate foods (such as bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals and potatoes).

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They are encouraged to read the food description carefully to ensure that they buy the right foods.

The organic food industry is growing at a very high rate.

This led to a campaign to change from these farming practices and embrace new ones that are safer.

This is what saw the introduction of organic foods in the 1970s.

Because organic food is healthier for you in general, contains fewer chemicals and promotes a better environment, it is a better lifestyle choice.

In the last ten years, there has been much attention paid to organic foods and how they are redefining the way in which we consume agricultural goods.

Various health groups and universities have undergone studies in order to show that organic food is a better option for consumers.

However, major news reporters and some experts have claimed that there was “hype” with organic food and it did not represent healthier lifestyle options for consumers.

This includes the insecticides used, fertilizers and soil treatment.

The most common practices that are welcome so as to attain the required standards include the use of natural fertilizers and practice of crop rotation for soil treatment.


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