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Performance Management Assignment-61
Cooperation and teamwork decreases among the employees. Three ways to determine individual performance are personal observation, feedback, and performance reviews (Aprioritylearning).

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The impact the plan will have on employee relations must be assessed.

Administrative expenses are likely to increase under performance management. Companies must study the long term impact of using performance management and they also have to deal with the short term consequences. The Performance Management Process in Colorado Boulder The review of literature covers readings and materials how performance management process has evolved and practiced in Colorado Boulder University.

In this process, employees do their best because they know that their contributions are acknowledged and recognized.

In PMP, an on-going process of communication is developed between the supervisor and the employee throughout the year in achieving...

The traditional compensation system of paying a fixed salary or by the hour has proven to be ineffective.

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When employees are paid a fixed compensation for their work they lose motivation.The corporate culture of a firm is enhanced by the use of performance management.Firms that implement performance management typically experience a productivity boom.The compensation system under performance management is fairer.Companies obtain greater efficiency from its compensation plan under performance management.In a company that uses performance management the workers that achieve higher productivity receive higher reward.Low performers are adversely affected because they receive lower compensation.A lot of factors should be considered when starting a performance management plan.It is very important to properly train the workers on the different aspects and implications of the performance management plan.Module: Module BAC 5010 Lecture: Introduction Performance management is a system through which organisations evaluate and develop people skills, behaviours and attitudes of individual employees with the aim of attaining pre-determined organisational objectives (Aguinis 2012).Typically, majority of the performance management systems incorporate performance reviews, learning activities, coaching and mentoring, performance measurement metrics, rewards, team work and training and employee development programs (Aguinis 2012).


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