Pest Control Business Plan

Matt Breda of Breda Pest Management, Loganville, Ga., takes the lifetime warranty a step further by covering not only the entry points his team has sealed but also any new crevices or holes that develop over time.“When we started out in 2009, we did partial exclusions, sealing the entry point but offering no warranty because we knew that the squirrels, bats and other animals would find another way in,” says Breda.“But today we do it right, sealing the entire home and offering a warranty, renewable annually, that says we are responsible for not only the holes we’ve sealed but also any new ones.

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After starting a pest control business, you’ll need to market it.

Be sure to take the needs of your community into consideration when marketing your services. If so, continue reading this piece so that you’re well equipped.

You should try to provide a range of services based on your community’s needs so you can reach as many customers as possible.

Apply for a license for your pest control business.

But Matt Breda says that there’s one feature companies tend to overlook when they reach out to customers: clean-up.

“When we’re in an attic for grey squirrels, it’s usually a mess with shredded nuts and other food particles. Animal waste — particularly bat guano — can be an issue as well, since HVAC systems generally circulate the air from the attic throughout the home, creating an unhealthy environment for the customer,” he says.As a result, 90 percent of PMPs offer a “no contract” option — à la carte pricing for individual services — while only 16 percent offer a stand-alone annual contract and 10 percent offer a bundled contract.There are many ways to structure services, pricing and written agreements. No Starting a pest control service does require some careful planning and a license in most areas of the country.There are also various methods now being used to control pests, such as chemical-based sprays and organic-based sprays.This will also have to be a consideration in terms of the types of methods your business will utilize.Overall, a pest control service can be a very profitable business venture and can easily generate profits in excess of ,000 per year.The differences in providing wildlife services versus general pest and termite services don’t stop with equipment, technical expertise and licensing.The business model is typically quite different as well.Startup Costs: ,000 - ,000 Home Based: Can be operated from home. There are various types of pest controls that can form the basis of the business, such as insect or rodent control, or the business can specialize in providing all pest control services. However, for an enterprising entrepreneur, this can be a small sacrifice to make, as a pest control service can be extremely profitable to own and operate.


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