Phd Thesis On Telecommunication

Phd Thesis On Telecommunication-82
Each Ph D programme must establish which other lecturers, whatever their category as long as they are not included in the programme, are able to supervise the thesis.

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This wide range of activities involves both ground-breaking knowledge and interdisciplinary research, in which these systems and technologies form the basic nucleus of development.

Some clear examples of this are micro-nano-biosystems, devices used in the space industry, signal processing and the design of telecommunication networks.

The recommended qualifications for joining the Ph D programme in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering are the UAB's Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, and Master's Degree in Nanotechnology and Materials Science, and the Master's Degree in Research into Technologies for the Information Society (scheduled to begin in 2014-2015 at the UAB), or related qualifications.

This Ph D programme provides the following principal career options.

specific details of publications, research projects they have worked on and any other information relevant to the lines of research proposed on the Ph D programme.

Once the above supervisor has been approved, the academic tribunal for the Ph D programme may authorise their incorporation into the programme as a possible thesis supervisor (or assign them to a single doctoral thesis).

This authorisation may be withdrawn at a later date if, in the opinion of the academic tribunal, the joint supervision is not beneficial to the progress of the thesis.

A Ph D thesis may be jointly supervised by up to three Ph D holders.


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