Philosophy Paper On Euthanasia

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Unfortunately, the interplay between the essays isn’t perfect and, as per usual, the authors occasionally talk past one another.

Still, the standard of discussion is high and it makes for rewarding reading.

The book Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics recently found its way into my hands.

It's a decent collection of essays on topics ranging from abortion, to capital punishment, to world hunger.

a family can withdraw life-support from a relative who is in a persistent vegetative state.

What we’re interested in here is whether active voluntary euthanasia is morally permissible.

With those dimensions in place, we can construct the following grid.

The grid captures all the possible forms of euthanasia.

Callahan defines euthanasia as the direct killing of a patient by a doctor. For now, we need to be a little bit more discriminating in our conceptualisation of euthanasia.

Such a definition is, as Tooley notes, narrower than his in at least three ways. In particular, we need to pay attention to two dimensions along which particular instances of euthanasia can vary.


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