Point By Point Compare And Contrast Essay

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After you’ve completed the list of the things that are similar and different between each of the two items, determine whether the similarities hold more weight than the differences or if the differences outweigh the similarities.

The thesis statement should be reflective of your findings.

For example, if the initial compare and contrast paragraph focuses on comparing and contrasting each tree, the second should focus on a different point – like the overall esthetics of the two, and the third may be about differences in upkeep.

Much like all essays, the body of a compare and contrast essay requires a certain degree of planning.

For example, with apples and oranges, start out by saying, "Apples and oranges have many differences." Before creating the body paragraphs, name a few trivial differences that are different from the main ones on which you plan to focus.

The compare and contrast essay, also called the comparison and contrast essay, requires the writer to compare the differences and similarities between two or more items.As you research each item, attempt to find information that may not be widely known.Keep in mind that if a reader is going to choose to read an essay comparing and contrasting apple and oak trees, they probably already have a thorough knowledge on the subject matter.For example, you may determine that the fruit of the apple tree can be harvested to create food whereas the wood of the oak tree can be harvested to create shelter. Keep in mind that the list of ideas and thoughts that you’ve compiled is not an ‘outline’ for a comparative analysis essay. Get FREE access to more than 500,000 hand-picked sample research papers and essays! Search our giant database of original essays classified by topic Stuck on your essay?However, it should consist of enough similarities and differences to aid you in creating an initial starting point and help you to formulate essay ideas. Explore thousands of essay samples FOR FREE and get inspired!This means that before attempting to compare and contrast the chosen subjects, it is necessary to create a list of everything that you know to be true about each item. It is likely that you were able to pick out more dissimilarities than similarities.This means that you may have to do a little more research to see how your items are connected.Try to avoid using verbiage like What makes apple trees there perfect complement to any backyard orchard? Both improve the esthetics of a yard for different reasons, and they have more similarities than you may have originally thought.” When properly conveyed, the introductory statement can also serve as the thesis statement.The introduction should be used to create an overall outline of the comparison research paper.Compare: To seek out similarities in two or more subjects.The word ‘compare’ is a bit of a misnomer when used in relation to a comparative essay analysis.


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