Prometheus And Zeus Essay

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These men were mighty, tall, and ferocious, a violent race of warriors who worked in metal and produced a few rudiments of civilization.

In the end these men destroyed themselves with their warfare.

When they emerged, Deucalion and Pyrrha offered a sacrifice to Zeus and asked him to restore the human race.

The couple also went to Delphi and prayed to the Titaness of Justice, who told them to cast the bones of their mother behind them.

At one time Zeus was so thoroughly disgusted with man and his impious, evil ways that he decided to annihilate the species with a deluge.

Prometheus And Zeus Essay

Prometheus, who was still at large then, warned his son Deucalion to prepare a chest.

Prometheus had warned his brother Epimetheus about accepting gifts from Zeus.

Yet when Epimetheus saw this radiant creature Pandora he could not resist her.

As a tribute to them Zeus established the Elysian Fields as a resting place for their spirits after death.

Still not discouraged, Zeus created the men of the Iron Age, the worst race ever to appear on earth and one destined to become totally depraved.


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