Psychology Research Paper On Memory

In the field of psychology, many experiments are performed in order to access human behavior.The experiment described below, will evaluate short-term memory in human participants.Now, give them the word recall sheet of paper immediately after, and have them write down all the words that they can remember.

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The study should last less than 10 minutes.”)Place the sheet of paper with the first set of words on it, in front of the volunteer facing down (so that they cannot see the words).

Tell the participant, “you will have two minutes to memorize the set of words on the back of this piece of paper.

A recent brain imaging study found that music activated the auditory, motor and limbic (emotional) regions (Alluri et al., 2013).

The study found that whether their participants were listening to the Beatles or Vivaldi, largely the same areas of the brain were active.

(“Well, in this study we accessed short-term memory in humans. Fill out the table provided with the information you received from the study • Count the number of correct words recalled in each category from each volunteer and put it in the appropriate section of the table.

The first word list was composed of unrelated words, while the second list was composed of groups of related words in chunks. Counting off for spelling is at the discretion of the experimenter, but strive to be consistent.People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), such as in a car accident, often have problems with memory.Music is increasingly being tested as a way to help bring back forgotten autobiographical memories.• Briefly tell the volunteer what the experiment will be about and how long it will take.(“In this study, we will be accessing memory in human participants.Due to the extremely small sample size and not taking into account order effects, many APA (American Psychological Association) style rules were not followed over the course of this experiment.Additionally, a genuine psychological analysis (such as SPSS) was not utilized either.The motor areas process the rhythm, the auditory areas process the sound, while the limbic regions are associated with the emotions (Alluri et al., 2013).Classic hits can easily take you back to your teens and twenties.Compared with using a standardised interview–the Autobiographical Memory Interview–playing number-one hits to people who’d suffered TBIs was more effective in eliciting memories.One of the reasons the link between music and memory is so powerful is that it activates such large areas of the brain.


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