Pueblo Revolt Of 1680 Essay

This story was written at a time when patriarchal families were very dominant in the society in which a male was the provider and the head of the family and a female was the housekeeper and the mother of his children.At that time it was expected that from a woman to accept her DBQ: What Caused the Civil War? The "tea cup sitting close to the edge of the table" (Background Essay) begins to rattle heavily and almost fall off. This "war between the states" shows that extremity of differences in opinions can lead to violence and death.

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After doing some of the readings by different authors the answer to this question is still in the air.

However the idea of the cause is clearer now than before the readings.

Garner argues that this is not true; he tells the reader that the Franciscans were tolerable to the Indians.

The Franciscans knew that the Indians, for generations, had totally different beliefs to the ones Christians have.

In the readings there are clearly those who fall under the first category and those who fall in the second category; inclusively there are authors that fall in between.

Van Hastings Garner is the author of the third essay where he disagrees with the belief that Religion was the main cause of the Pueblo revolt.

' This question is not a very difficult one to answer right of the bat, the first thing that comes to mind is that the Pueblo Indians were suffering suppression from the Spaniards, they must have been treated bad and thus they revolted against the upper class.

However, the answer to this question is not that simple, it has a very complex answer that even today it is not yet clear.

The Franciscans were well educated thus making them well respected and looked upon by many Spaniards, mulattos and Indians.

One of the main arguments of the reason why the Pueblo revolt occurred is that the Franciscans treated the Indians bad and that they would often mistreat them if any of the religious doctrines were broken.


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