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What are their limitations, and how do researchers expect to overcome them?https://arxiv.org/abs/1801.00862"Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) technology will be available in the near future.Instead, they exist in orbitals that are better visualized as a cloudy shell enveloping the nucleus.

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It is thus really important to use a very efficient quantum algorithm to make the most out of our precious quantum coherence and try to understand molecular structures.

The algorithm has to be efficient in terms of number of qubits used and number of quantum operations performed.

, Hardware-efficient Variational Quantum Eigensolver for Small Molecules and Quantum Magnets, we implement a new quantum algorithm capable of efficiently computing the lowest energy state of small molecules.

By mapping the electronic structure of molecular orbitals onto a subset of our purpose-built seven qubit quantum processor, we studied molecules previously unexplored with quantum computers, including lithium hydride (Li H) and beryllium hydride (Be H).

The results demonstrate a path of exploration for near-term quantum systems to enhance our understanding of complex chemical reactions that could lead to practical applications.

(Kandala et al.; Nature) Although our seven qubit quantum processor is not fully error-corrected and fault-tolerant, the coherence times of the individual qubits last about 50 µs.

The experimental and numerical results presented are for circuits of depth d = 1.

The error bars on the experimental data are smaller than the size of the markers.

IBM scientists have developed a new approach to simulate molecules on a quantum computer that may one day help revolutionize chemistry and materials science.

The scientists successfully used six qubits on a purpose-built seven-qubit quantum processor to address the molecular structure problem for beryllium hydride (Be H2) – the largest molecule simulated on a quantum computer to date.


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