Research Dissertations In Nursing

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Trinity College Dublin (52)Nursing & Midwifery, Ph.

View More 2010 - 2019 (54)2000 - 2009 (18) Health Research Board (HRB) (5)Trinity College Dublin (TCD) (2)Department of Health (1)Down syndrome Ireland (1)EU FP-7 Grant (1)Health Research Board (HRB) (2014-2018) (1)Health Research Board and Department of Health (1)Intellectual Disability Supplement to the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (1)Irish Research Council (IRC) (1)King Abdulaziz University (1)...

Thuss PDF Comparison of Housed and Homeless Patients with an Orthopedic Diagnosis, Susan M.

Williams PDF Nurses’ Learning and Conceptualization of Technology used in Practice, Richard G.

Trinity College Dublin (2)Addiction (1)Adoption in Ireland (1)...

Final year students are required to complete a large piece of work for their degree or professional qualification.Elford PDF Youth Homelessness: The Impact of Supportive Relationships on Recovery, Sara Gasior PDF The Relationship Between Inter-Professional Collaboration, Job Satisfaction, and Patient Safety Climate for Nurses in a Tertiary-Level Acute Care Hospital, Noha Mohammedali Hamlan PDF Women's Long-Term Life Experience After Pregnancy Termination for Fetal Abnormality: Interpretive Phenomenological Study, Heba A.Hassan PDF The Influence of Nurse Manager Transformational Leadership on Nurse and Patient Outcomes: Mediating Effects of Supportive Practice Environments, Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Patient Safety Culture and Nurse Job Satisfaction, Elizabeth A.Favaro PDF Registered Nurses' Intention To Use Electronic Documentation Systems: A Mixed Methods Study, Sarah Ibrahim PDF Exploring the Mental Health Care Experiences of Youth Transitioning from Paediatric to Adult Psychiatric Services Using the Photovoice Method: A Participatory Analysis of the Photo STREAM Project, Brianna Jackson PDF Exploring the Characteristics and Behaviours of Nurses Who Have Attained Microcelebrity Status on Instagram, Hanna Kerr PDF Collaborative Self-Management and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Integrating Patient Needs into an Educational Program for Nurses, Loretta G.Mc Cormick RN (EC) PDF Nurse and Midwife Educators' Experiences of Translating Teaching Methodology Knowledge into Practice in Rwanda, Jean Pierre Ndayisenga PDF Lived Experience of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus among Saudi Women: Interpretive Phenomenological Study, Hayat Abdullah Algamadi PDF Relationships Among Authentic Leadership, Manager Incivility and Trust in the Manager, Ohood Ali Alkaabi PDF Gender and Experiences of Family Homelessness, Fawziah Almalki PDF The Influence of Authentic Leadership on Fourth-Year Nursing Students' Experience of Workplace Bullying and Withdrawal Intentions, Lindsay Anderson PDF Exploring Social Cohesion Among Syrian Refugees in Canada: A Secondary Analysis, Sara Calvert PDF An Exploration of Medication Errors Generated by Baccalaureate Nursing Students Using Electronic Medication Administration Record (e MAR) Technology in Clinical Simulation, Ryan Chan PDF An Exploration of the Nursing Leaders’ Experiences Addressing Indigenous Health in University Undergraduate Nursing Programs in Ontario, Danae Coggins PDF It's About Time! A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study, Natalie Giannotti PDF Women's Quality of Life After Leaving an Abusive Relationship: The Effects of Past and Ongoing Intimate Partner Violence, Mastery and Social Support, Diana Jaradat PDF Exploring unmet healthcare needs, healthcare access, and the use of complementary and alternative medicine by chronic pain sufferers- An analysis of the National Population Health Survey, Jessica La Chance PDF Exploring Harm Reduction Among Canadian Veterans Experiencing Homelessness, Olivia Marsella PDF Explaining Collaboration in Nursing Education Programs, Jason Powell PDF Social inclusion for women experiencing homelessness, Jenna Richards PDF Examining the Relationships among Authentic Leadership, Interprofessional Collaboration, and Nurse Assessed Adverse Events: A Mediation Model, Vanessa Safian PDF The Effects of Authentic Leadership and Organizational Commitment on Job Turnover Intentions of Experienced Nurses, Alexis E.Walsh PDF Examining e Shift through the Caregiver Policy Lens: A Content Analysis, Ashlee A.Worrall PDF A Systematic Review of the Antecedents, Mediators and Outcomes of Authentic Leadership in Healthcare, Bayan Alilyyani PDF The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Nurse-reported Patient Safety Outcomes, Sheila A.Higgins PDF Developing Capacity to Care for a Client at Risk for Delirium and for the Acutely Delirious Client, Sherida G.Ingram PDF Moral Distress: a Study of Personal and Organizational Factors, Kathleen Ledoux PDF Stress and Coping in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Who Initiate Insulin Therapy, Maureen A.Le Blanc PDF Barriers to Education in Homeless Youth, Michelle S.Solomon PDF Examining the Effects of Policies on the Delivery of Shelter Services to Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence, Camille J.


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