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After thorough experiments have been conducted, conclusive results need to be published so consumers can make well-informed decisions about the dietary choices that affect their health.century, the use of GMOs has become increasingly popular in agriculture.Contact: [email protected] This paper will examine scientific research associated with the approval of genetically modified foods, also referred to as GMOs.

This process allows scientists to change the DNA of plants and other organisms that will later be used as food sources.

Genetically modifying food allows scientists to introduce new traits to foods, and to control existing traits.

Despite claims that genetically modified foods are nutritionally and compositionally equivalent to non-GMO counterparts, there is a lack of long-term research that demonstrates these findings with minimal error.

Therefore, food regulatory agencies and agricultural biotechnology corporations like Monsanto need to conduct long-term experiments designed according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) guidelines, to scientifically validate the chronic effects of consuming genetically modified food instead of undermining their risks.

Historically, Monsanto’s multinational corporation has studied GMOs to assess their allergen level, toxicity, and nutritional value with respect to humans.

Experimental studies were both poorly designed and measured over relatively short time intervals, yet, the foods tested were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for consumption by billions of humans and animals.In order to assess this, I have conducted research pertaining to the consumption of genetically modified foods in laboratory animals that model humans.In addition, my research will focus on the misleading information regarding GMOs that is available to consumers.After thorough experiments have been conducted, food regulatory agencies and corporations behind genetic modification need to publish conclusive results to the public so consumers can make well-informed decisions about the dietary choices that affect their health.Experimental Data: GM Corn In countries worldwide, maize is one of the top genetically modified foods because many products can be derived from it.These advantages are believed to reduce nutrient deficiencies in populations of developing countries and improve crop yields.However, there are health risks associated with the consumption of genetically modified foods that should not be taken lightly.As a student, you are well aware that any topic discussed in any class becomes fodder for writing assignments.So, it should come as no surprise to you if you are asked to write a genetically modified food essay.Additionally, consumers have been misled by information published by the multibillion dollar biotechnology corporations like Monsanto, who claim their foods are equivalent to their non-GMO counterparts in safety and nutrition.Without significant data to substantiate the quality and safety of GMOs, the FDA should not have approved GMOs without conducting more thorough analysis.


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