Research Paper On Lord Byron

In the 1820s, he settled down with a young Italian woman named Teresa, but domestic life did not suit him for long and he eventually joined in the Greek fight against the Turks.

In February 1824, Byron fell ill prior to his planned attack on Lepanto.

In Jan., 1815, he married Anne Isabella "Annabella" Milbanke, a serious, rather cold, young woman with whom he had little in common.

She gave birth to a daughter, Augusta Ada, the following December. Although her reasons for such an action remain obscure, evidence indicates that she discovered the existence of an incestuous relationship between Byron and his half-sister, Mrs. Although his many attachments to women are notorious, Byron was actually ambivalent toward women.

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His first volume, (1809), a satire in heroic couplets reminiscent of Pope, which brought him immediate fame.

Byron left England the same year for a grand tour through Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the Balkans.


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