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So most of the present research is directed toward making s CO2 power conversion technology practical.For completeness sake, let me say that there is a lot of research going on in other solar energy applications also, such as, solar desalination, solar refrigeration and cooling, solar photocatalytic environmental clean-up, daylighting and passive solar uses.

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Supercritical CO2 (s CO2) is a very attractive fluid for this replacement.

Simulation has shown that operating a s CO2 Brayton Power Cycle at about 750 C can give a conversion efficiency of more than 50%, something you could expect only in a combined cycle plant operating at more than 1100 C before.

So the research goals for solar energy have been and continue to be: 1.

Increase the efficiency of conversion to other forms while also reducing the cost. Store energy more efficiently and reduce the costs. Find newer ways to convert solar energy to useful forms.

are the indirect forms of solar energy, that is, nature converts solar energy to these forms for our benefit.

Even fossil fuels are a stored form of solar energy, which nature stored for us over millions of years for use during emergencies (that is our savings account), although we as humans have been using them exclusively and exhausting them, while throwing away the incoming solar energy (our income).This started a trend in the development of combined cycles that could produce more than one useful outputs in the same cycle, for example, power and desalination; power, heating and desalination; power, cooling and desalination etc.The main innovation in these cycles with multiple outputs is that after converting heat to power, the waste heat from that cycle is used for desalination, heating, cooling etc., instead of rejecting it into the environment.Since electricity has become the preferred form of energy for almost all of our needs, a major emphasis in research has been on increasing the efficiency of conversion to electricity and reducing the costs.There are two main methods of converting solar energy to electricity – photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal power (commonly known as CSP, acronym for concentrating solar power).3Q: Robert Armstrong on 10 years of energy research at MIT MIT Energy Initiative Director Robert Armstrong shares perspectives on past successes and ongoing and future energy projects at the Institute. Answer by Yogi Goswami, Director, Clean Energy Research Center, USF, on Quora: Before I answer the main question, let me set the stage as a background to understand the trends.A tiny fraction of the solar energy that falls on the earth is sufficient to take care of all of the needs on the earth (for details please see Chapter 1 of Principles of Solar Engineering, 3rd Ed. So it is obvious that if we are to depend on solar energy for our needs, we must be able to store it efficiently and cost effectively.By the way, wind, biomass, ocean energy, hydro etc.In addition, in some developing nations it may be economic to use solar generation to reduce reliance on imported oil, particularly if that oil must be moved by truck to remote generator sites.A companion working paper discusses both these valuable roles for solar energy in the developing world.


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