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After she is able to write their names her father then kills her to preserve her honor.

marries her husband’s murdering brother and Lady Macbeth coerces her husband into murder.

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Lower-born women were allowed more freedom in their actions precisely because they are seen as less important than higher-born women.

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Broadly speaking, female characters that sexually aware are more likely to be lower class.Her boldness in choosing to defy her father ultimately leads to her death at the hands of her jealous lover.Sexual violence also plays a major role in some of the Bards work.This is seen most notably in Titus Andronicus where the character Lavinia is violently raped and mutilated.Her attackers cut out her tongue and remove her hands to prevent her from naming her attackers.In most cases, they are socially restricted and unable to explore the world around them without chaperones.Many of these women were coerced and controlled by the men in their lives.Sexuality or desirability can also lead to deadly consequences for Shakespeare's women.Desdemona chose to follow her passion and defied her father to marry Othello.These women show a lust for power that's often on par or surpassing that of the men around them.Lady Macbeth especially is seen as a conflict between the masculine and feminine.


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