Research Proposal Gantt Chart

Your supervisory team will provide you with support to prepare your proposal.

The Graduate Education Officers also offer support with the provision of advice about the aim, format, submission of proposals and how they are assessed, as well as a range of support tools.

You will need to describe the purpose of your project and what it aims to achieve.

Clearly indicate how the project is significant and addresses an important problem. Frame this as a problem or question that you will answer. Also provide the background or context from which your project has emerged.

This could be through coursework, short courses, or one-on-one training at UWA or another research facility.

Approvals: It is essential that all required approvals, safety and other training is complete prior to the commencement of the project.Students enrolled in Ph D programs should also clearly indicate how the project is original.One of the assessment criteria for a Ph D is that is provides "an original contribution to knowledge of the subject with which it deals" Philips (1992) has listed different definitions or originality that might be useful (see Phillips, E. The Ph D: Assessing quality at different stages of its development in Zuber-Skerritt, O (ed.) Supervising Beginning Researchers.Using the skills audit proforma, break down your project into stages, assess your ability to complete each of these stages with the skill set you currently have.If your audit indicates you require skills development, indicate how you plan to acquire these skills.In some cases this may take several months, so it is wise to apply early.Before you travel, you need to: Facilities: If your project has any special requirements, such as specialised equipment, techniques or literature, you will need to indicate how this equipment will be obtained, how you will obtain training for the specialised technique or how this literature will be accessed.Tertiary Education Institute, University of Queensland, Brisbane): Also include in this section an outline of the conceptual framework, design and/or methods.Describe the specific techniques or procedures you propose to use to collect and analyse your data.Field Work: If you are intending to undertake fieldwork, UWA must be able to contact you while you are in the field.You may also need to obtain the appropriate documentation, such as a research visa, if you are intending to do research in another country.


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