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If you don’t use Thesis someone should be testing every resolution, browser, monitor size, device – that is a nightmare I don’t even want to think about – and because the Thesis Team does this so well I don’t have to worry about it!

Thesis automatically formats your blog for every device so you don’t have to use something else to make that happen.

I hope to answer these questions and give you my honest below.

” Especially since Word Press has thousands of free themes, even Chris has free themes available for download.

Here are two galleries you can visit to see more customized Thesis themes: The ONLY bloggers I have ever run across who do NOT like Thesis are those who are programmers and like to write their own code to control every aspect of their blogs. If you have or plan to build many blogs get the developer’s license.

If you only need it for one blog now, buy the personal license. If you plan to have someone else install your blog for you, obtain your license to use Thesis through them.Chris Pearson launched the Thesis Word Press Theme just a few years ago. Top sites and bloggers like the Domino Project, Tony Hsieh, and Matt Cutts use Thesis as their Premium Word Press Theme of choice. View Pricing for Thesis Theme » Chris Pearson has a great sense of design aesthetics… A little backstory, I kept seeing Thesis everywhere. Thesis already has the pedigree that other Word Press Themes don’t have. It’s even harder when you look at the sea of Word Press Themes, and the fact that some of them are pretty bad. That’s why I wanted to take a serious look at Thesis. This review has been continually updated since it was first released in 2008.I know Thesis does this well because when I’m in direct contact with someone I ask them what they are using and how well this blog displays and navigates on THEIR device.In every case they say the formatting is fine, they can navigate the site, and read and leave comments.We know many bloggers who can do basic Thesis customization and if you need a real designer for a fancy custom graphic like the one in the image below, click that image to see what the best all-around Word Press expert we know and Thesis Skins provider Derek Semmler can do for you.Since we’re on the subject you might be interested in checking out all the cool blogs that are based on Thesis.Thesis has built in SEO fields that allow you to optimize every page and post individually.This eliminates the need for plugins like All-in-one-SEO, Platimum SEO, etc.I have NEVER in ANY blog had a Thesis update cause a problem.I am NOT saying that could never happen because anything humans do is not infallable – but the team behind Thesis is super-sharp and they test thoroughly BEFORE our blogs are exposed to potential conflicts. Free Themes Can Be Used for Nefarious Purposes Such as Including Security Exploits, replacing YOUR links with someone else’s affiliate links or linking your blog to bad neighborhoods and getting you banned.


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