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Burroughs was presented with a special Trustee Award at the Lambda Literary Awards in 2013. The Turcottes originally sought damages of million for invasion of privacy, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.Burroughs defended his work as "entirely accurate," but agreed to call the work a "book" (instead of "memoir") in the author's note, to alter the acknowledgments page in future editions to recognize the Turcotte family's conflicting memories of described events, and express regret for "any unintentional harm" to the Turcotte family.

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best-seller list, spawned a Hollywood movie, and earned him literary stardom.

It has also drawn a lawsuit from the Turcotte family, with whom he lived, and who are challenging the truth of his brutal, shocking portrait of them.

His first novel, Sellevision (2000), is currently in production as a feature film.

Burroughs' writing focuses on subjects such as advertising, psychiatrists, religious families, and home shopping networks.

It has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, House & Garden, Black Book, New York, The Times, Bark, Attitude, and Out. Early in his career, he was a regular commentator on National Public Radio's Morning Edition.

In 2005, Universal Studios and Red Wagon Productions bought the rights to a film based on a then-unreleased memoir about Burroughs' relationship with his father.In addition to Scissors, Burroughs penned a second memoir, Dry (2003), about his experience during and after treatment for alcoholism.It was followed by two collections of memoir essays, Magical Thinking (2003) and Possible Side Effects (2006).A few months after Robison moved in, Turcotte allowed him to drop out of sixth grade.Robison obtained a GED at age 17; at age 18, living on his own in Boston, he legally changed his name to Augusten Xon Burroughs.He is eight years younger than his brother, fellow memoirist John Elder Robison.He was raised in various towns in Massachusetts, including Shutesbury, Amherst, and Northampton.Bening was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role.Burroughs is currently writing the screenplay for two upcoming television series: he is working on a Showtime series based on his memoir, Dry, and writing a drama series for CBS titled The Nature of Fire, which follows a group of firefighters.In 1996, he sought treatment for alcoholism at a rehabilitation center in Minnesota before returning to Manhattan.Some of Burroughs' childhood experiences were chronicled in his successful first book, Running with Scissors (2002), which was later made into a film by the same name.


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