Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Essay

In June 2011, two prominent polling organizations released an analysis of the changing trend in public opinion about same-sex marriage in the United States, concluding that “public support for the freedom to marry had increased, at an accelerating rate, with most polls showing that a majority of Americans now support full marriage rights for all Americans.” (Wikipedia) While there is support from some people, the LGBT community needs the whole country supporting this issue.As soon as that happens, social equality will be at least halfway accomplished. states that have banned same-sex marriage, 5 that allow civil unions between same sex couples, and 6 that allow same-sex marriage, along with DC.

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Countries throughout the globe are pressured with the question of homosexuality being an issue of right or morality.

Countries such as Brazil, Canada, some states of the United States and the United Kingdom have legalized same sex marriages while others are still battling with homosexual pressure. Today, I would like to discuss with you the unnatural nature of same sex marriages.

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The United States does not grant the tittle ‘spouse’ to couple involved in same sex marriages. Current Directions in Psychological Science 14 (2005): 252 Paul Ash, What does the law say schools have to do? Retrieved online at: M., Collateral damage effect upon individuals and society as a result of the change in sexual morals, Statistics on the percentage of the population that are homosexual and lesbian Statistics on HIV/AIDS and health related issues.

As such, same sex marriage should not be legalized as a natural marital union.

According to the Wikipedia article, “Same-Sex Marriage in the United States”, in 1996, just 25% of Americans supported legalization.

On May 20, 2011, Gallup reported majority support for same-sex marriage for the first time in the country.

III I have carried out extensive research on the field of sexuality and I feel obliged to educate the public about the dangers of same sex marriages to our society, today and in the future. So today I am going to discuss three points about this issue.

Number One: why same sex marriage should not be legalized?


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