Sara Problem Solving Model

Assessment The aim of the assessment is to answer whether the objective you set at the beginning of the process has been achieved. If your actions haven’t delivered the required outcome then return to the scanning and begin the cycle again.-Did the problem decrease as a result of the response? The OSARA process should continue until the objective has been met.

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There’s some fantastic thinking ongoing in the organisation which improves the lives of the people living in County Durham and Darlington.” If you are concerned about a problem in your area, you can discuss it at your local PACT meeting or alternatively, you can contact your local neighbourhood team.

“Problem-oriented policing is an approach to policing in which discrete pieces of police business (each consisting of a cluster of similar incidents that the police are expected to handle, whether crime or acts of disorder) are subject to microscopic examination (drawing on the especially honed skills of crime analysts and the accumulated experience of operating field personnel) in hopes that what is freshly learned about each problem will lead to discovering a new and more effective strategy for dealing with it.” “. The first is the sheer generality of the strategy—identifying problems of virtually any type that are generating crime risks and then fixing those problems.

You must document failed responses, this shows lessons have been learnt and allows others to avoid using failed responses in the future.

Numerous examples of joint agency problem solving initiatives are showcased with an overall winner announced.

Response A response plan should be based on the analysis carried out.

Sara Problem Solving Model

The response plan will define what action is going to be taken to solve the problem.In the final part of your analysis you should begin to develop a working hypothesis about why the problem is happening.You should prove or disprove this theory in your response by testing them.It’s also an opportunity to thank everyone for the innovative ways in which staff have worked within their communities to make County Durham and Darlington a safe place to live.2018 saw a project called “Cultivating Change” take the overall title.That said, there are a few well-traveled and established paths for POP that will be covered here, providing a useful starting place.The second complication is that POP requires carrying out a strategy to identify locally specific problems and resolve those problems effectively.Your objective is not to “reduce demand on police resources”, it’s the effect the problem is having on victims, which then places a demand on police resources.Having defined an objective, you need to identify how you’re going to measure its success. Analysis: The problem analysis triangle should be used as a guide to completing the analysis, it provides a way of thinking about recurring problems of crime and disorder.This approach has been successful in addressing a wide range of crime and anti-social behaviour problems that traditional policing methods alone have not been able to.Assessment Objective: Your objective should be specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART).


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