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They essay format used when writing an SAT essay is similar to all other essays.

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To figure out whether or not you should write the test, you should first determine which colleges require it. Nearly every expert asked recommends that students at least attempt the essay.

If the college that you are applying to does not request it, it still might be worthwhile to complete this section in the test to prove that you have strong analytical and writing capabilities. The Essay asks students to Most people writing the essay find that this is an interesting and engaging task, one that they don’t mind putting a little extra thought into.

More importantly, in writing it, they are provided with the opportunity to showcase their writing, analysis and reading skills.

Each of the aforementioned skills are paramount to success not only as a student, but also as a future professional in the workforce.

ANALYSIS The analysis score identifies how well the student has analysed the passage they were given and have explained how the author delivers their argument, using strong evidence and sound logic. The student will be asked to read, and then reply to, the passage.

They will then be allotted fifty minutes to complete the task at hand.Keep in mind that students are not expected to have any prior knowledge of the topic in the passage in order to write their essay.And those who do have knowledge of the topic should be cautious on sharing it – they are not being asked to share their expertise, they are being asked to show that they can write and analyze and follow instructions.The Essay: The reply written about the passage should thoroughly explore the way the author chose to deliver their argument, and should not focus on their content of the prompt.It is crucial to analyse and discuss how the author develops their argument. Remember not to simply say what the prompt was about (For example, kites), and this is not an opportunity to disclose personal opinions about the argument made by the authors (For example, I think blue kites are the best too!The scores are then added together to return a final score of 2 to 8 in each category.READINGThe reading score identifies how well the student is able to show that they have a thorough comprehension of the source text. Does the essay follow a logical progression of thoughts and ideas?First of all, a student should understand correctly what exactly they have read. This score focuses on the actual writing skill – not the ideas presented.Are they using evidence such as quotes to show that they understand? WRITING The writing score identifies how capable the student is when it comes to using language. Typically, each and every SAT essay will consist of a single passage no fewer than 650 words and no greater than 750 words in length.When authoring their essay, students are asked to consider how to author uses the following, and use their findings to support their own argument.The Topic: More often than not, the prompt will be directly related to an argument written for a broad audience.


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